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Ban the bandana, hoodies and sunglasses after dark

Englandís riots in August 2011 aided criminal behaviour, looting, arson and lawlessness because thousands of perpetrators wore bandanas, hoodies and sunglasses to mask their identities. Frustratingly, even CCTV images were little help to the police because so many thugs deliberately obscured their faces Ė and for what? Letís be clear. This was not about cultural identity. The real reason was to hide from security cameras, so lowlife could break in stores to loot, steal and cause arson, forcing thousands of shop keepers to lose their livelihoods and putting lives in danger. Think about it. Nobody needs to wear hoodies or sunglasses after dark. My petition calls for the legal banishment of bandanas, hoodies (by which I mean wearing the hood up) and sunglasses after dark to help make our streets and towns safer.

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